Sunday, 15 July 2012

Mac Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish: Review + Swatches

The mineralised skinfinishes from Mac are made as multi-use products, and personally, with Soft and Gentle I dont care for having shimmer all over my face but I  do however enjoy using this product either as a highlighter, or a shimmery eyeshadow. When pondering buying this product, taking into account the steep price and the beyond amazing reviews it has had, i decided to take the plunge and go for it. 

Admittedly, at first I thought the price of this highlighter was a little steep for what it was, but after actually using it I cant really say anything bad about it. 
The peachy/golden tones give a soft, radiant glow to my often dull and dry looking complexion (its winter where I live), and despite having often oily skin in the summer (my skin is combination), this product doesn't make me look like a grease ball at all, when strategically placed, it just gives me what I call a 'Miranda Kerr glow' meaning I just have an extra boost of radiance on my skin.
This product is easy to use, and the tiny flecks of glitter minimise the pore enhancement problems some other shimmery products can have, whilst still giving you that gorgeous glow.  

Sunday, 8 July 2012

N.O.T.D: Butter London Teddy Girl

Since where I am from, its the winter holidays, I am finally allowed to break out in all the nail polish colours I would like to, which is why my blog will most likely be spammed with nail polishes, other than my love for them. 

Teddy girl is a very pale milky pink with a white undertone, and no sparkle or shimmer whatsoever, like i said just a milky, creamy baby pink. Perfect for a more subtle yet not too understated nail look. 
To be honest, considering this is a butter london nail polish, the formulation of the actual product could be a little better. I often find this colour streaky and quite hard to work with, sometimes even having to apply 3 coats to get an opaque and even look to the nails. 

As always with nail polish though, I am determined to work with sub-standard products if i really like a colour and this is the case with teddy girl, so I would perhaps not recommend the polish, but its the colour that I love. I have heard imilar things about the colour fiji from essie, although that is a little cheaper and a very similar colour so I would recommend trying that one. 

This colour lasted around 3 or 4 days without chipping my nails, and i am a person that it always picking at little things, so that is quite a while in my books. 

Butter London Nail polishes are available at Butter counters worldwide

Saturday, 30 June 2012

N.O.T.D: Essie Chinchilly

Because where i live, the cooler months have been coming around and the col has finally been settling in, I decided to go for a typical wintery colour on my nails to match the mood of the weather. A lot of the time, when i skim my eyes around my overly large nail polish collection, to decide on the polish I would like to wear, a lot of the time, this fairly neutral colour doesn't grab me so i dont find myself wearing this much as i would like. 

This nail polish is of a smooth cream formula with no glitter and no shimmer, the opacity is pretty good as you can get a relatively opaque look with just two coats (pictured below), and since this is a neutral grey/brown colour, it goes with just about everything that I want to wear in the cooler months.

As always with the brushes  essie nail polish, they are smaller than most, but once you get used to them, they create a relatively even and smooth finish.
 I would highly recommend this colour for anyone looking for a neutral, easy to wear shade for winter.

Essie nail polishes are available from essie counters worldwide. 

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Mac Springsheen: Review + Swatches

I actually only recently just realised that this blush, an old favourite of mine, is almost an exact dupe to the SUPER DUPER famously popular NARS orgasm, an amazing blush with a big price tag, this one is a little less pigmented, but in the same colour range, and for a little cheaper too.

Springsheen is a sheer coraly pink with a golden shimmer, and as the name suggests, perfect for spring, and actually I cant imagine any look this subtle blush wouldn't go amazingly with.

As this is a shimmery blush, I would recommend keeping your skin in top form if you are planning to wear it on the heavier side, because the shimmer particles will enhance any of the bigger flaws on your face.

One of the things I like about this blush is that you never really have to worry about putting too much product on, and looking like a clown face because it is a sheer tone shimmer blush, making it less pigmented, and easier to work with in a rush on a daily basis, but if needed, the colour can be built up for a more eye catching look.

The formulation of this blush isn't as chunky as Orgasm, but isn't super finely milled either, this makes for a long wearing blush that will last basically all day on the cheeks unless you are doing exercise or something similar that will make you sweat more than normal. 

Mac Sheertone Shimmer Blushes are available at Mac counters and stores worldwide

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

N.O.T.D: Chanel Peridot Review + Swatches

Being Chanel, the makers can create a strange colour concoction and pretty much whatever it is, as long as its Chanel it will instantly come into fashion and be copied by other, not always low end brands. 

I was so excited when i received this package in the mail only to be disappointed by a streaky, thin and easy to chip formula. When applied this colour very easily goes streaky. One thing I do have to say though, as always with a Chanel polish is that the drying time is significantly faster than that of most other brands such as OPI or essie. 

This colour actually looks way nicer in the bottle than it does on the nails, as the pretty blue tone is almost completely lost, and it turns into more of a cross between gold and green. This is the sort of nail polish that you NEED to wear a base coat with because the way the shimmer is formulated it emphasizes every single little imperfection in the way you have applied it, or on the nail. 

Peridot in the bottle, you can see the blue toned areas on the outer edges. 
 According to other blogs I have read, this colour looks amazing when a matte topcoat is applied to it, I am yet to try this out, but will update you on what I think when I finally get round to it. 
 If you are looking for a colour like this i'd say save your money and go for a dupe from a cheaper brand such as nails inc or essie. 

Chanel Nail Lacquers are available from Chanel counters and stores worldwide

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Butter London Trout Pout: Review + Swatches

Yes, I live in New Zealand, where it is currently FREEZING, so right now I am snuggled next to the fire with fluffy socks, a blanket and my laptop. During the cooler months, it seems most girls like to pull out their darker, cooler shades to go with the season. But I actually prefer to do the opposite! I think having a bright colour on my nails cheers me up and makes me happy in the cold, gloomy weather, and on the plus side, it isn't as easy to spot little chips on lighter colours as compared to stark black and navy blue etc.

Trout Pout is a hot pink/salmony colour with a more orange tone as opposed to the blue tone that your typical barbie hot pink has, its a little bit different, and I like it!
Considering I was playing playstation all weekend, this colour lasted well and didn't get any noticeable chips until around the third day that I had been wearing it.

The formula of this nail polish is a totally plain and simple one, just opaque and creamy. Just how I like it for a bold salmony colour like this one. This is the first bright salmon colour I have seen by a mid range brand in the last 69059087506978 years and I am sure that it will be really popular for the spring and summer time.

Butter London is available at butter counters and kiosks world wide

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Review: Urban Decay Primer Potion

I somehow ended up getting a few baby sized samples of this product for free with things I have bought previously so I decided to do a review as I have heard really good things about it from others who have tried it. 

This is a skin coloured primer that will keep your eyeshadows on all day like no exaggeration, legit ALL DAY. I have a friend who was wearing this when we went to the pool and her eyeshadows were still reasonable looking AFTER the swim, I couldn't believe it. 

 One problem with this primer can be if it isn't spread evenly over the eye it can cause eyeshadows to clump in one place over the eyelid. This can easily be fixed by being careful to apply it with a light touch, and to blend as with any eyeshadow. 
As with the majority of the primers I have tried, this particular one comes with a doe foot applicator which I don't actually use to apply the product, just to dot the product over the area in which I am applying it, where I will later spread it with either my fingers or a brush.

 For me, primer isn't necessary every time I wear eyeshadow, as my eyelids aren't the oiliest around, I never really end up wearing this which is why it has taken me soooo long to try out. 

I would recommend this primer for anyone who wants their eyeshadows to LAST, but as with any good primer it makes your eyeshadows harder to get off at the end of the day, something I personally cant be bothered with. If primers are your thing, I say at least give this one a go!