Sunday, 8 July 2012

N.O.T.D: Butter London Teddy Girl

Since where I am from, its the winter holidays, I am finally allowed to break out in all the nail polish colours I would like to, which is why my blog will most likely be spammed with nail polishes, other than my love for them. 

Teddy girl is a very pale milky pink with a white undertone, and no sparkle or shimmer whatsoever, like i said just a milky, creamy baby pink. Perfect for a more subtle yet not too understated nail look. 
To be honest, considering this is a butter london nail polish, the formulation of the actual product could be a little better. I often find this colour streaky and quite hard to work with, sometimes even having to apply 3 coats to get an opaque and even look to the nails. 

As always with nail polish though, I am determined to work with sub-standard products if i really like a colour and this is the case with teddy girl, so I would perhaps not recommend the polish, but its the colour that I love. I have heard imilar things about the colour fiji from essie, although that is a little cheaper and a very similar colour so I would recommend trying that one. 

This colour lasted around 3 or 4 days without chipping my nails, and i am a person that it always picking at little things, so that is quite a while in my books. 

Butter London Nail polishes are available at Butter counters worldwide

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