Saturday, 30 June 2012

N.O.T.D: Essie Chinchilly

Because where i live, the cooler months have been coming around and the col has finally been settling in, I decided to go for a typical wintery colour on my nails to match the mood of the weather. A lot of the time, when i skim my eyes around my overly large nail polish collection, to decide on the polish I would like to wear, a lot of the time, this fairly neutral colour doesn't grab me so i dont find myself wearing this much as i would like. 

This nail polish is of a smooth cream formula with no glitter and no shimmer, the opacity is pretty good as you can get a relatively opaque look with just two coats (pictured below), and since this is a neutral grey/brown colour, it goes with just about everything that I want to wear in the cooler months.

As always with the brushes  essie nail polish, they are smaller than most, but once you get used to them, they create a relatively even and smooth finish.
 I would highly recommend this colour for anyone looking for a neutral, easy to wear shade for winter.

Essie nail polishes are available from essie counters worldwide. 

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