Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Butter London Trout Pout: Review + Swatches

Yes, I live in New Zealand, where it is currently FREEZING, so right now I am snuggled next to the fire with fluffy socks, a blanket and my laptop. During the cooler months, it seems most girls like to pull out their darker, cooler shades to go with the season. But I actually prefer to do the opposite! I think having a bright colour on my nails cheers me up and makes me happy in the cold, gloomy weather, and on the plus side, it isn't as easy to spot little chips on lighter colours as compared to stark black and navy blue etc.

Trout Pout is a hot pink/salmony colour with a more orange tone as opposed to the blue tone that your typical barbie hot pink has, its a little bit different, and I like it!
Considering I was playing playstation all weekend, this colour lasted well and didn't get any noticeable chips until around the third day that I had been wearing it.

The formula of this nail polish is a totally plain and simple one, just opaque and creamy. Just how I like it for a bold salmony colour like this one. This is the first bright salmon colour I have seen by a mid range brand in the last 69059087506978 years and I am sure that it will be really popular for the spring and summer time.

Butter London is available at butter counters and kiosks world wide

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