Sunday, 22 April 2012

Mac 217 review

Yes, I finally got my hands on the fabulous dome shaped blending brush from Mac that i have been lusting over for yonks, and I could not be more impressed!

In the past, surprisingly I have had bad experiences with Mac brushes as the few I have bought often shed. Mac brushes aren't cheap so I think this was the last brush I was going to fork out my money for if it wasn't good. Thankfully though, this brush is amazing! 

This brush is the perfect shape for blending out crease colours on the eye, not so soft that is doesn't do anything, but not so hard that it rubs your eye off. It is the perfect texture and stiffness for blending in the crease, which is exactly what i bought it for. This brush does not shed at all which i am very happy about, as shedding has become a big problem with some of my other Mac brushes. 

 The only problem with this brush is the fact that it is white, so you can see all the dirt on it. this channels my inner O.C.D problems and I have to wash this brush every time i use it because of this. I guess in a way this is a good thing though, it gets me into a good habit or whatever, but it is still a hassle. 

The Mac 217 and other Mac brushes are available at Mac counters and stores worldwide.

Love from Lilapislay xx

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