Sunday, 15 April 2012

Review: Nars Laguna Bronzing Powder

 Said to be the 'cult' must have bronzer by a vast majority of the online beauty community,  Nars laguna bronzer certainly does have a big following! So when I was finally able to get my hands on it I was expecting big things, and I wasn't disappointed! My favourite thing about this bronzer is the fact that it can double as a natural contour powder because it isn't bright orange and it only carries a hint of a sheen.

The actual powder used in this product is very finely milled to allow for extremely even application, a much needed factor with bronzer, nobody wants an uneven tan! Being a very pale, and I mean as pale as you can get pale human being, it is often hard to find products that don't look bright orange on my almost translucent skin. This product is by far the best thing I have found so far as although it is pigmented, it has pretty much no orange undertone, but somehow it doesn't look muddy on the skin either! It is often hard to find the perfect balance between orange and brown in a bronzer and although this particular one is a little pricey, I think in this case it was totally worth every penny!

The one downside to this bronzer however, is the fact that it shatters so easily! I haven't personally shattered mine yet (fingers crossed!) but I have heard from heaps of people how easily it happens. This has made me totally OCD about how I handle this product, as I really hate it when my products shatter, especially the high-end ones!

This product can be purchased worldwide at Nars counters and stores.
Love from Lilapislay xx

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